Setting up HQ Video playback on Windows

Jason Hee
4 min readFeb 4, 2021

I recently had to setup a new Windows PC, and I realised that the resources for setting up HQ local video playback were all over the place. I decided to consolidate those resources and write a guide.

Step 1 — Download

Step 2 — Installation

  1. Install MPC-BE.
  2. Extract madVR to a fresh madVR folder, and then copy it to the MPC-BE install directory.
    Inside the madVR folder right click madHcCtrl.exe and select properties. At the bottom under Security click the Unblock button and then Apply -> Ok.
    This will stop the annoying “potentially unsafe software” run window from popping up every time MPC-BE loads madVR.
  3. Install LAV Filters, make sure you un-check all of the components except for what is pictured below.

You should now have everything installed with a MPC-BE directory setup that looks something like this.

Next we install madVR. Navigate into the madVR folder and you should spot a install.bat batch file. Right click on it and run it as an administrator.

If all goes well you should get a console window with a message saying the filter was registered successfully.

Step 3 — Configuring MPC-BE

Now it is time to configure MPC-BE to use these fabulous new pieces of software. Launch MPC-BE and navigate to View -> Options.

Next navigate to the Video section. You should see a drop down menu option labeled Video renderer and set it to madVR.

Now navigate to Internal Filters and disable everything for both Video Decoders and Audio Decoders tabs.

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