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People often think that slow internet speeds must be down to their internet service provider. But your Wi-Fi router settings could also have an impact. One setting that many people overlook is their Wi-Fi channel. Using a sub-optimal Wi-Fi channel can lead to slow or unstable Wi-Fi internet due to Wi-Fi channel interference.

What are Wi-Fi channels?

To send a signal wirelessly, you need to transmit the signal on a frequency. 2.4 GHz and 5.0Ghz are the standard wireless bands that are available for the general public to transmit internet signals to their Wi-Fi connected devices.

Each band has a list of channels, which…

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Have you ever had to copy and paste duplicate content in a YAML file and wondered if it is possible to DRY that up? As it turns out, YAML allows you to repeat nodes via aliases.

YAML Aliases allow you to assign a name to a value or block of data and recall the assigned data by its name in the YAML file. Aliases should work for any file written in YAML.

Simple Example

hello: &hello 'hello'greeting:
audience: 'world'
hello: *hello #greeting.hello has the string value of 'hello'
audience: 'room'
hello: *hello #new_greeting.hello has the string value of 'hello'

Aliasing blocks of data


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As video conference calls are now part of my daily life, I decided to investigate how I can look better in front of my webcam. After some research, I bought an Elgato Key Light Air to help illuminate my face better.

So far, I’m delighted with the purchase. The key light has definitely improved how I look on video calls. But having to turn it on every time I have a video call and then turn it off when the call ends is a pain.

I considered leaving the light on throughout the work day, but the light can be…


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Recently, I have had to implement a feature on a Ruby on Rails application where I had to ensure the user session was expired after a period of inactivity. The application was using the Devise gem as the solution for user authentication.

Why do we need to expire user sessions?

According to the Security Rails Application Ruby on Rails guide:

Sessions that never expire extend the time-frame for attacks such as cross-site request forgery (CSRF), session hijacking, and session fixation.

So even though long-lived sessions can improve user experience, it’s also a potential security vulnerability as it opens a user up to having his / her session physically…

I recently had to setup a new Windows PC, and I realised that the resources for setting up HQ local video playback were all over the place. I decided to consolidate those resources and write a guide.

Step 1 — Download

Step 2 — Installation

  1. Install MPC-BE.
  2. Extract madVR to a fresh madVR folder, and then copy it to the MPC-BE install directory.
    Inside the madVR folder right click madHcCtrl.exe and select properties. At the bottom under Security click the Unblock button and then Apply -> Ok. …

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